Sunday, September 14, 2014

Let's Get Equpped!

The next several weeks Pastor Chris will talk about how Christianity is objectively true.  Whether you believe it or not this series will test your faith in what you believe.  He will go over topics such as what is objective evil, what is right and what is wrong.  No matter how you feel.  Everyone needs to be an Apologist.  What does that mean?  Come listen and hear what it means to defend the Christian Faith.

Sept 7, 2014   Part 1: Are You Ready?
Sept 14, 2014 Part 2: Does God Exist?
Sept 21, 2014 Part 3: Who Is Jesus?
Sept 28, 2014 Part 4:The 3 Planks of God
Oct 5, 2014    Part 5:Is the Bible Reliable?
Oct 11, 2014 Part 6: Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

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